The Dura-Post Asset Marker Post System is available in four lengths. 900mm, 1350mm, 1500mm and 1650mm in a variety of colours.  Other lengths can be made to order upon request. Information is easily fastened to the post for accurate road reporting functions. Dura-Post supply markers such as fire plugs, stop valves, water mains, sewer mains and culvert markers Australia wide.

Dura-Post Marker Posts have already proven to be excellent in rural roadside addressing scheme. Posts can be powder coated in authorities’ choice of colours with any combination of letters and numbering.

 Dura-Post Steel Marker Posts are available in both Premium and Standard grades as per our Steel Guide Post range. Due to the profile of the posts they can be easily driven either manually or mechanically with ease.

Roadside Products manufacture etched aluminium marker plates and laminated vinyl marker plates that can can fitted to the Dura-Post Marker Posts.

High Density Polyethylene Safety End Caps are available for our Steel Marker Posts, in four colours, White, Yellow, Blue and Black. The plastic safety end caps are enhanced with UV stabilisers to ensure further quality and longevity. The caps fit securely to the top of the posts and are extremely difficult to remove by hand. Dura-Post steel marker post safety end caps are a fantastic safety feature, providing protection to pedestrians and road users alike.



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