Product Description

Designed and Manufactured in Australia to withstand the harsh marine environment from the latest UV stabilised polyethylene material.

DuraBuoy’s unique ergonomic design incorporates a streamlined rope retrieval system set above the water line ensuring ease of access to the mooring line. DuraBuoy’s self-righting design can be manufactured in two sizes to suit most marine applications.

DuraBuoy can be customised with individual identification. For more information on our Durabouy range please call our office or select the enquire button below.


Code Description
FMB296R Durabuoy 166 Litre Red
FMB296BL Durabuoy 166 Litre Black
FMB296LB Durabuoy 166 Litre Blue
FMB296LR Durabuoy 166 Litre Red
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