Product Category: Durapost

  • Flexi360 Guide Posts

    Flexi360 Guide Post System

    The Dura-Post® Flexi360 Flexible Guide Post is a flexible and durable delineation option.

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  • Flexi360 PRO Guide Posts

    Flexi360 Pro Flexible Guide Post

    The Flexi360 Pro Series Flexible Guidepost with anchor and is durable and installs with ease.

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  • Flexi360 Marker Posts

    Flexi360 Marker Posts

    The Flexi360 is quick & easy to install, a highly durable flexible marker post option.

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  • Duraflex Guide Posts

    Dura-Flex PVC Guide Post System

    A flexible guide post manufactured from high impact UV stabilized premium quality PVC.

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  • Duraflex Pro Guide Post

    Dura-Flex Pro Flexible Delineator Post

    Manufactured from High impact UV stabilized premium quality rigid PVC with anchor.

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  • uPVC Guide Post

    uPVC Flexible Guide Post System

    The Dura-Post® uPVC Flexible Guide Post System uses UV stabilised premium quality rigid PVC.

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  • uPVC Pro

    uPVC Pro Flexible Guide Post

    uPVC Pro Flexible Guide Post System is a low-cost drivable flexible PVC post with Anchor.

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  • uPVC Marker Posts

    uPVC Marker Posts are a great contractor option for marking water pipelines or hydrants.

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  • Steel Guide Post

    Steel Guide Post System

    Dura-Post® Steel Guide Posts are manufactured from premium mild tensile steel.

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  • Steel Maker Post

    Steel Marker Post System

    Dura-Post® Steel Marker Posts are available in both Premium and Standard grades.

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  • Reflex Steel Marker Post System

    Reflex Marker Posts are made of durable, flexible steel and powder coated in your choice of colour.

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  • Asset Marker Posts

    Asset Marker Posts

    Dura-Post® Asset Marker Posts are a high quality and long lasting asset marker.

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  • Maintenance Marker

    Maintenance Marker Posts

    Dura-Post Maintenance Marker Posts can be made to your specification or requirements.

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  • Construction Post System

    Construction Post System

    Our roadside construction post systems an alternative to conventional star picket posts.

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  • Mechanical Installation

    Install Equipment – Mechanical

    Dura-Post® supply all range of mechanical installation options for our guide & marker posts.

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  • Manual Installation

    Install Equipment – Manual

    Dura-Post® supply a range of manual installation options for our Guide and Marker Post Systems.


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  • Delineation& Signage

    Delineation Vinyl & Signage

    Dura-Post® supply self-adhesive class vinyl & signage delineation in a range of colours.

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  • Flexible Bollard Components

    Bollard Flexible System – Components

    The Dura-Post® Flexible Bollard Sign Post System has been designed for impact zones.

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  • Flexible Bollard Kits

    Bollard Flexible System – Kits

    The Dura-Post® Flexible Bollard Sign Post System has been designed for impact zones.

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  • Steel Bollards

    Steel Bollard System

    Dura-Post® Steel Bollards are available as bolt-down or concrete-in.

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  • Barrier Systems

    Barrier Systems

    Road Pro® Barrier Systems have been sourced from manufacturers locally and internationally.

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  • Guard Rail Delineator Red - RSPGR12

    Guardrail Delineators

    Dura-Post® supply Guardrail delineation for application on railings and barriers.

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  • Raised Pavement Marker

    Raised Pavement Markers

    Dura-Post® supply a range of Flexible Lane Divider Flaps and Raised Pavement Markers.

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