LED360's have a magnet, this makes it easy attaching to metal parts.

The LED360 is pressure proof a truck can easily drive over.

In 6 colours LED light is available, white, blue, green, orange, red and infra red.

The outer shells are in the colours white, blue, green, yellow, orange and military green available.

We supply the LED360's in a case of six with charging 12/24/240 volts or In a bag with 6 pieces or 1 piece in a box with a charger.


LED360 Accessories

LED360 Accessories

LED360 Cone Caps are threaded and can screw in to the top of most traffic cones, the LED360 Cone Caps are magnetic and enable the LED360's to attach magnetically to a traffic cone. The magnetic connection is more than strong enough to ensure the LED360's won't blow off the top of a cone.
RPLD 030 LED360 Cone Caps - 6 Caps to a bag. AddClick here to add this product to the quote request cart

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