LED360 is a heavy duty LED flash module for signalling in temporary positions during roads blocks, road works, and incidents.

LED360 is very visible through the 16 high intensity LEDs. They are dust, gas and water proof according to the ATEX standard.

LED360 Can be supplied complete with charging case, 6 pack performance. The standard available colour is orange with orange LED, they are also available in white, blue, green and yellow with red LED, the total charging time is 3 hours with full charge is approximately 10 hours operation.


~ Very strong and reliable

~ 360 degrees visibility by 16 “state of the art” LED’s

~Visible from very long distances in all weather conditions (fog, smoke,snow, etc.)

~ Dust, gas and waterproof.

~ Equipped with magnet for mounting on metal parts or cone adapter.

~ Floats. Rated to 20 tonnes

~ Equipped with rubber case to prevent damage.

~ Choice of 9 light patterns.

~ Charging time up to 6/12 hours total battery

~ Continuous operation of approx 10 hours on a full battery charge, (flash)

~ 1 year warranty for technical defects.


LED360's can be used as additional delineation during the use of traffic cones or in some cases in place of traffic cones. With 8 choices of light patterns you can choose the most suitable one. Via a button control, set the LED360TM on / off and make the choice of the light pattern. By pressing for 2 seconds the LED360 switches off and will start again in the last chosen light pattern.

The visibility is enormous and is 800 metres on the road to 1500 metres on water / air.The LED360 is waterproof, floating can be secured with a pin or cable through the eye. Also, the LED360 has a magnet, this makes it easy attaching to metal parts.

The LED360TM is pressure proof a truck can easily drive over.In 6 colours LED light is available, white, blue, green, orange, red and infra red. The outer shells are in the colours white, blue, green, yellow, orange and military green available. We deliver the LED360TM in a case of six with charging 12/24/240 volts. In a bagwith 6 pieces or 1 piece in a box with a charger.



~ Police

~ Fire Brigade

~ Emergency services

~ Road constructors

~ Energy, water and gas companies

~ Rigging and salvage operations

~ Traffic Management

~ Roadblocks at road checks

~ Roadblocks accidents

~ Marking trauma helicopter landing

~ Marking safety zone around aircraft

~ Marine Light, beacon




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