Roadside Products manufacture and supply all necessary equipment for installation of our Guide / Delineator and Marker Post Systems.

Options include;

  • Manual Drivers
  • Jackhammer Attachments
  • Air Driver Attachments

All Dura-Post Guide & Marker Posts have unique design qualities and have been designed to fulfil varied use requirements, standards and specifications and testing requirements. Installation of the posts plays a very important part of the design process. Correct installation is imperative in order to ensure safety to the personnel installing the posts and safe handling of the installation equipment as well as the performance of the post. Incorrect installation could cause the post to fail or installation personnel could be injured if the correct equipment is not used or correct installation procedure is not followed.

Roadside Products offer onsite installation demonstrations and training for the correct installation of our post products.

Roadside Products provide installation procedures for all our Guide and Post Systems.

Installation Equipment Options;

There are two methods available for installing Dura-Posts, firstly they can be installed manually, and this method will require physical effort and the use of manual tools such as Post Drivers or by digging holes. The second option and where possible recommended is installing with the use of Mechanical Equipment such as Pneumatic Drivers or Jackhammers. Roadside Products manufacture attachments for mechanical drivers for the installation of our posts.


Installation Equipment

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