The Dura-Post Flexi360 Flexible Guide Post is a system within its self. A drivable anchor, connecting flexible joint and the HDPe – High Density Poly ethylene post top are individual products. For your convenience can be ordered and replaced separately.

After initial installation the post top can be replaced at any time without the need to dig another hole or drive another post in its place.

The Flexi360 Guide and Marker Post System offers four types of installation options;

Flexi360 – Installation using a separate drivable anchor makes for easy installation and replacement when required. The Anchor can be driven with a manual driver, a Pneumatic Driver or Jackhammer. This option offers a vandal resistant method of retention.

Flexi360 – Surface Mount Plate; can be simply bolted down to a concrete surface. Angle plates are also available for Bridge Curbing.

Flexi360 Pro – With this system the Drivable Anchor and post are a one piece drivable post, installed with the use of a manual driver or jackhammer – See the Pro Series Guide Post System for ordering info.

Portable bases are also available for temporary placement.


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