The Duraflex Pro Flexible Delineator Post System is the newest development in delineator/guide post systems; The Dura-Post Duraflex Flexible Delineator Post System is Manufactured from High impact U.V stabilized premium quality – rigid P.V.C.  100% Australian made, especially formulated and recyclable. During the Elongation Process – the PVC post has proven ability to stretch and return to its natural shape when tested in high impact areas. Material is self extinguishing, it will not support combustion. This product offers a high flexibility and strength. Benefits and features that have been developed in the Duraflex post are;

Flexible Strength, capable of withstanding multiple vehicle impacts far exceeding existing standards and capabilities of any other type of guide post. During comparable vehicle impact testing with  Flexible Steel Posts and the Duraflex Post, the flexible steel posts deformed, creased or were bent. The Duraflex post was unaffected with the exception of some scratching to the surface. Manufactured in the required colour, no need for priming or powder coating unlike flexible steel guide posts that can rust once the powder coating is removed. Will not become brittle and break. 


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