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Roadside Products Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and distributor of Dura-Post Guide and Marker Post Systems. Our guide and marker posts are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all Australian Standards and individual state traffic authority specifications for road edge guide and marker posts. We also manufacture to meet various international specifications and requirements for guide or delineator road edge posts.

The Dura-Post Brand is the most extensive range of guide and marker post systems available in Australia and Internationally. Our range includes Semi Flexible Steel Posts, Tubular Steel Guide Posts, Fully Flexible 360o Guide & Marker Posts, and Flexible uPVC and HSEP (High Strength Engineered Polymer) Delineator Posts.

Roadside Products specialise in the design and manufacture of asset marker post systems for Gas and Water Pipelines, Buried cables, Fire Hydrants and other assets requiring durable and clear marking. We also manufacture signage, etched aluminium marker plates and laminated vinyl marking plates.

Setting us apart from our opposition is our range and solutions for all installation requirements and the necessary equipment to carry out installations of our products. Our highly experienced sales team provides on-site installation and safety training to road and plant crews, local councils and traffic authority engineers, overseers and any other user of our products.

Roadside Products RoadPro range of traffic and construction zone products and services are sourced from manufacturers locally and internationally, we also provide Guardrail supply and install services as well as signage, Linemarking and thermoplastic products.

Roadside Products Head Office and Manufacturing is located in Thornton, NSW Australia. We have experienced sales staff based in all states of Australia and have our National Distribution & Sales Centre in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.


Paul Christie

Managing Director
Roadside Products Pty Ltd

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