Crack Filler – DP-1

DP-1 is a ready-to-use, professional grade butyl rubber and asphalt-based compound that fills and seals cracks in asphalt surfaces without heating or mixing. It flows easily into cracks to form a long-lasting barrier which keeps out water to prevent ice damage and
pavement deterioration. It offers excellent adhesion and resists crumbling and drying out caused by temperature changes, ultraviolet light and severe weather conditions. This product won’t run or bubble in hot weather or become brittle or crack in cold weather. It dries to a black matte finish that may be coated with asphalt or tar based driveway dressings. Resists oil, grease, salt and heavy traffic.

Crack Filler – ACF-1

ACF-1 is a specially formulated Latex Rubber Polymer Blend that provides extended life and greater durability than ordinary cold pour formula crack fillers. For asphalt cracks up to 9 mm wide. Fortified with latex and asphalt binders to strengthen bond. Low VOC Formula

Asphalt Crack Filler

Asphalt Crack Filler



RPPH4001 ASPHALT CRACK FILLER DP1 - 400gm CARTRIDGE / TUBE AddClick here to add this product to the quote request cart
RPPH3785 ASPHALT CRACK FILLER ACF1 - 3.785ltr (1 GALLON) BOTTLE AddClick here to add this product to the quote request cart

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